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Two-position, two-way, step-by-step direct-acting diaphragm solenoid valve Structure Principle Selection Application

Two-way step-by-step direct-acting solenoid valves are available in normally closed and normally open types. The normally closed type adopts a structure that integrates the primary opening valve and the secondary opening valve. The main valve and the pilot valve work in steps, and the electromagnetic force and pressure difference are used to directly open the main valve port. When the coil is energized, the generated electromagnetic force causes the moving iron core and the static iron core to attract, the pilot valve port is opened, and the pilot valve port is set on the main valve core (diaphragm assembly), and the moving iron core and the main valve core (membrane assembly) The diaphragm assembly) is connected together. At this time, the medium (pressure) in the upper cavity of the main valve (diaphragm assembly) flows out quickly through the pilot valve port, and the pressure decreases rapidly. Under the action of the pressure difference and electromagnetic force, the main valve core ( The diaphragm assembly) moves upward to open the main valve port and the medium flows. When the coil is de-energized, the electromagnetic force disappears. At this time, the movable iron core closes the pilot valve hole under the action of its own weight and spring force, and the medium enters the upper cavity of the main valve core in the balance hole to make the upper cavity pressure of the (main valve) diaphragm assembly When it rises, the main valve port is closed under the action of spring return and pressure, the medium is cut off, and the solenoid valve is closed. The working principle of the normally open type is just the opposite.
The structure is designed with a zero pressure difference start diaphragm type, direct-acting solenoid valve, with a reasonable design structure, reliable action, and very reliable under zero pressure difference (including vacuum). The solenoid valve has a large flow diameter and low cost, but due to the limitation of the diaphragm made of rubber material as the main valve port seal, and the solenoid valve needs a long life, the solenoid valve is designed to work at a pressure of up to 20 bar. The conventional one is below 10bar, such as ZS water and gas series, ZKS vacuum, ZCM gas and other large-diameter series solenoid valves in Sanlixin products.
Solenoid valve application is based on the parameters of various media, temperature, pressure, flow, etc., the material of the main valve is selected, usually copper, stainless steel, cast iron, engineering plastics, etc., and the sealing materials include NBR, HNBR, VITON, EPDM, etc. Corresponding connection, size and flow diameter; the flow diameter is from DN10.0 to DN100, the designed solenoid valve has a large flow diameter, and the power of the solenoid coil should be increased.
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