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Sanlixin 2/2-way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Structure Principle Selection Application

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Sanlixin 2-way solenoid valve is divided into normally closed type and normally open type. The normally closed type is closed when the power is cut off. When the coil is energized, the coil generates electromagnetic force, so that the moving iron core overcomes the spring force and the static iron core pulls in and directly opens the valve port, and the medium passes through; when the coil is powered off, the electromagnetic force disappears and moves The iron core is reset under the action of spring force, and the valve port is directly closed, and the medium is blocked. The structure is simple, the action is reliable, the switching speed is fast, and it can work normally under zero pressure difference and vacuum. The working principle of the normally open type is just the opposite of that of the normally closed type.



Most of the direct-acting Sanlixin solenoid valves are small, and the working pressure can range from vacuum to ultra-high pressure; generally speaking, the direct-acting solenoid valve 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" corresponds to the flow rate There are many applications of the diameter; there are also connection sizes, the flow diameter is relatively large, and the low pressure difference works. At this time, the coil power of the Sanlixin direct-acting solenoid valve is generally larger, and there are more direct-acting designs, such as membranes. The sheet is isolated from the medium, and the axial type is designed. Such as SLP, SLM small direct-acting series, SLG, SMZ high-pressure direct-acting series, etc. in the products of Sanlixin.

Sanlixin Solenoid valve application is based on the parameters of various media, temperature, pressure, flow, etc., the material of the main valve is selected, usually copper, stainless steel, engineering plastics, etc., and the sealing materials include NBR, HNBR, VITON, EPDM, Teflon, PEEK, PU Etc., and the corresponding connection and size, the flow diameter is from DN 0.5 ~ 15 mm, and the larger can reach DN100; in a reasonable design, when the solenoid power is the same, the smaller the flow diameter, the greater the working pressure, and vice versa , The larger the flow diameter, the smaller the working pressure.

Sanlixin since 1993,specizlizes in designing and manfacturing all kinds of fluid solenoid valve......

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