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Application of solenoid valve ——Welcome to the solenoid valve world of Sanlixin!

For 28 years, Sanlixin has focused on the design and manufacture of automatic control valves, such as solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, angle seat valves, electric valves and other products. Based on parameters such as medium, temperature, flow, pressure, and environment, control, Factors such as installation, applicability and economy are designed and manufactured. Sanlixin has an engineering technology center that automatically detects water, gas, steam, and high-pressure water vapor for solenoid valves and other products. It can test products with various technical requirements, such as pressure resistance, leakage, high and low temperature, flow, and opening. Type tests for peace, life, etc.

Sanlixin solenoid valves are used in supporting applications in many industries, such as water treatment systems, environmental protection equipment, analytical laboratoryinstruments, bioengineering, pharmaceutical systems, medical machinery, electronic equipment, car cleaning, commercial air conditioning, compressors, dryers, andindustrial Washing machines, food and beverages, filling machinery, coffee machines, water dispensers, RO reverse osmosis equipment, kitchen equipment,automatic showers, swimming pool systems, humidification and heating, high-pressure water jets, high-pressure testing, textile printing and dyeing, irrigation and fogging,breeding equipment, Fountain salutes, fire fighting buildings, heating and heating, refrigeration systems, dust removal and purification, vacuum systems,feed water steam boilers, combustion equipment, ozone generators, sterilization equipment, oil-water separation, etc. provide automatic control and drive, etc.,in the nuclear industry and aerospace It can also be used in marine research and life sciences.

After engineers have optimized the materials and processes of parts and components, Sanlixin valves can be used in special media, such as the control of low-temperature liquid gaseous carbon dioxide, oxygen, seawater, acid and alkali and other media.

We also provide special solenoid valves, solenoid pinch valves, low-power ultra-micro solenoid valves, multi-valve integration, flow control proportional valves, etc.

The annual production and sales of automatic valves such as solenoid valves commonly used by Sanlixin exceed 3 million. At the same time, thanks to the company's continuous transformation and upgrading of automated processing, assembly, and testing equipment, it can increase its production capacity by more than 20% annually. After the assembly of each product in the manufacturing department, the system automatically detects and tests the technical parameters, and the system automatically sends it to the relevant management department to achieve digital management, information sharing, and quality assurance.

Sanlixin since 1993,specizlizes in designing and manfacturing all kinds of fluid solenoid valve......

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